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am Manila Von Teez, a prominent figure in South Africa's vibrant drag scene, and I'd like to share my incredible journey with you. Born around 2011, I've grown into a formidable force in the world of drag, achieving numerous accolades and leaving a lasting impact.

My journey into the world of drag began as a remarkable transformation rooted in my early years. Hailing from Elsies River in Cape Town, I faced the challenges of embracing my identity as a gay individual in an environment that often lacked acceptance. At the age of 21, I took a courageous step by sharing my truth with my mother through a heartfelt letter. This moment marked the beginning of my incredible journey of self-discovery and self-expression.

My drag career is marked by victories in prestigious pageants, including Miss Black Pride, Miss Cape Town Pride, Miss Cape Peninsula, and Miss Loerie. These titles propelled me to stardom, and my captivating performances have solidified my status as a drag superstar.

I am more than just a performer; I am a symbol of acceptance and respect, advocating for a more inclusive environment. I reflect the transformation of drag from a taboo art form to a celebrated mode of self-expression.

In addition to performing, I am a fashion designer with my label, Haus of Vjorn, offering diverse clothing options and even creating mascot costumes. I've been part of campaigns for brands like Crocs SA and Vuse Inspired, and I continue to perform at prominent venues, maintaining my presence in South Africa's drag scene.

My journey emphasizes the importance of authenticity and support from loved ones. I share my life with my partner, Shadwick Southgate, and remain an inspiration for self-acceptance. I am a trailblazer in South Africa's drag culture, showcasing the power of self-expression and acceptance.

My journey reflects the evolution of drag into a celebrated art form, making me an iconic symbol of resilience in South Africa's drag scene.

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